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Mark Paytress: Vicious - The Art Of Dying Young
Sid Vicious lived the quintessential punk life - fast, furious, out of control and over far too quickly. Twenty-five years after his death, Vicious, perhaps more than any other rock icon, remains a...

Product Code: BOB10208R

  Mark Paytress: Vicious - The Art Of Dying Young

Bubblegum: The History Of Plastic Pop   Bubblegum: The History Of Plastic Pop
The rise and rise of the 'manufactured' pop group has been a reliable and consistent trend over the last 50 years of the pop music charts, and this entertaining account by Nick Brownlee features them all!

Product Code: BOB10626

Edgar Varese
One of the most influential, innovative and inspiring composers of the 20th Century, Edgard Varese responded to advances in modern science in a climate of global conflict to create music that broke down the fragile remnants of diatonic tonality and embraced 'noise'. His intellectual shift from the dominance of melodic progression to a more textural approach to composition would see him revered by such cultural figureheads as Igor Stravinsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frank Zappa and others. His 'Poem Electronique' was one of the first examples of a purely artificial, studio-made composition, and would act as a blueprint for later Electroacoustic explorations. The work Ionisation for percussion ensemble included air-raid sirens and was described by the New York Times as a 'terrible and marvelous work'. The 1954 premier of Deserts caused an uproar comparable to the infamous response to The Rite Of Spring some fifty years earlier.

Product Code: BOB10659

  Edgar Varese

Waking Up In Chicago   Waking Up In Chicago
From Buddy Guy, Muddy Wares and Willie Dixon, through Steve Albini, Tortoise and Thrill Jockey records, to Frankie Knuckles, Cajmere...not forgetting some of the greatest Gospel, Jazz and Country artists in the world, Chicago is a cultural hub like no other. Set well apart from the affluent West Coast and cutting edge East Coast, Chicago boasts its own unique identity flavoured by the diverse cultures and creeds of the 10 million people packed into its back to back neighbourhoods. On any given day fans can take their pick of the very best in jazz, blues, rock, country, dance, gospel and more.

Product Code: BOB11176

The Complete Guide To Digital Video
Containing practical tutorials and valuable advice on obtaining help from the industry, The Complete Guide To Digital Video is all you need to get the best from your DV camera and PC.

Product Code: BOB11308

  The Complete Guide To Digital Video

Country Roads How Country Came   Country Roads How Country Came

Product Code: BOB11385R

Sam Shepard: The Rolling Thunder Logbook

Product Code: BOB10967R

  Sam Shepard: The Rolling Thunder Logbook

The Wagner Legacy Pd30/06/06   The Wagner Legacy Pd30/06/06

Product Code: BOB11330

Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll

Product Code: BOB53042R

  Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll

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